Thursday, March 24, 2016

As the world struggles to cope with the terrifying Islamic attack in Brussels which left over 30 dead, President Obama has been jaunting around other nations on a “peace making trip.”

He spent time in Cuba, where the embargo was recently lifted. But he was also in Argentina for a short while.

According to the Washington Post, President Obama said during an Argentina town hall that he thinks Americans are not open-minded enough about different cultures outside of our own. More specifically, he complained that Americans have a severe lack of foreign language skills.

David Nakamura of the Post Tweeted:

One Twitter user fired back with a very damning — and legitimate — point:

It seems that our own president has become accustomed to shaming and complaining about Americans. President Obama insults Americans every chance he gets, while complimenting foreign nations that have done nothing to help our nation.

A perfect example of Obama’s clueless attitude was when, after the devastating Brussels attack this week, he continued to vacation in Cuba. As Europe literally burned, Obama danced the tango and had a jolly old time at several sporting events.

It’s about time that America got a president who will put our own needs first. A president who loves America. And most of all, a president who will keep us safe.

Watch the video below — Obama’s acting like there’s not a care in the world as he dances the Tango.

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