Thursday, March 31, 2016

Country legend Randy Travis got the thrill of a lifetime when he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, along with Charlie Daniels.

Speaking is challenging for Travis since he had a massive stroke in 2013. Travis’s vocabulary is mainly limited to yes and no, but he was able to vocalize “thank you.” His wife accepted what she called the “daunting task of being the voice of this man who so eloquently put words to melody to make beautiful music.”

It was a very moving moment as the man who brought so much joy to others with his words and music was unable to say what he wished to. But, it also showed that his wife is right there with him and acts as his voice.

The country legend married Mary Davis-Travis in 2015, two years after his stroke. After his stroke, Mary read him every letter of encouragement from his fans. She has been an instrumental part of his recovery, so it is rather poignant that she spoke for him at the induction ceremony.

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H/T: Yahoo

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