Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Donald Trump’s success is really causing some liberals and entitled people to be pretty upset. Maybe they are afraid of losing their free rides or maybe they just don’t want to make America great again. Whatever the reason, it’s kind of alarming how some of them are reacting.

Recently, a Trump tombstone showed up in Central Park. Many saw it as a threat to the GOP front runner. And now, a video of some thug teens rapping death wishes to Trump has been uploaded to Youtube. They actually say they want to take him out with AK-47s.

A group of black teens posted a music video threatening to shoot Donald Trump in what they’re calling the “F*ck Trump Anthem” as they march down the street carrying baseball bats and shovels. Clearly these kids have been influenced by mainstream gangster rap artists like Rick Ross and others who have called for the murder of Donald Trump. Media analyst Mark Dice shows you some clips from their disturbing video, and decodes their ghetto talk. Song by DooleyFunny, Tlow, and Lor Roger – CIT4DT.

What a bunch of dumb idiots! The Secret Service often takes this stuff seriously, yet they uploaded this to YouTube!

A few months ago, Eminem dissed Trump in a video, but at least the rapper didn’t threaten the real estate mogul.


Do you think the Secret Service will be knocking on their door soon? How do you think their families will react? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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