Monday, March 28, 2016

The presidential primaries didn’t take a break for the Easter weekend. The Democrats had three primaries out west while the spat between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz continued.

Bernie Sanders tromped former First Lady Hillary Clinton by sweeping the primaries in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. The self-described socialist dominated Hillary by over 40 points in each state.

Those big wins should be a humiliating sign for Bill Clinton’s wife, but Hillary still leads the delegates as the Democratic super delegates are awarded in a manner that suppresses the voice of the grassroots. The DNC is taking a page from Bernie’s playbook and redistributing the delegates. Hah!

Sanders is highlighting how weak Hillary’s support is among the base of the Democratic party. Voters see her as being untrustworthy and a liar. This primary was to be her coronation, but now an elderly socialist Senator has humiliated her in three key Democratic states.

It is likely that the DNC will jam the email-challenged former First Lady down the throats of the Democrats and have her be the nominee in the fall. This may have some serious consequences. Liberal activists might feel their voices weren’t heard and their votes were stepped on. This might decrease voter enthusiasm and turnout on the left in November.

With Hillary Clinton facing a possible FBI indictment over her use of a private email server, the Republicans could have a real opportunity to defeat Hillary in the fall.

How do you think Hillary reacted to being completely dominated by Bernie over the weekend? Please share your thoughts.



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