Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bernie Sanders is certainly a fringe candidate. The self described socialist is still giving Bill Clinton’s wife a run for her money in their primary for the Democratic nomination.

But, any of his supporters who respects the work police officers do, might want to reconsider voting for him after hearing what he said would happen to cops if he is president. Conservative Tribune reported that Sanders has essentially launched a war on law enforcement. And of course, the mainstream media is silent.

“If elected president of the United States, my Department of Justice will investigate every killing of an American held in police custody or killed while being apprehended — an automatic Department of Justice investigation.”

We have seen in Ohio, and all over this country, unarmed people, often African-Americans, shot and killed while being apprehended by police officers. That has got to end, and that has got to end soon,” Sanders said.

“We need to develop the concept of a model police department, and a model police department, and the federal government can play a significant role on that, is to make and create training procedures so that police officers understand that the use of lethal force is the last response, not the first response,” he said. “Too often people are shooting, and then asking question later.”

“We need to demilitarize local police departments around this country so they don’t look like occupying armies, and we need to make police departments reflect the diversity of the communities they are serving,” Sanders concluded.

Wow! That’s going to hurt if Bernie tries to get the FOP endorsement. He clearly wants them to feel a different kind of Bern. This is alarming. He’s swallowed the Black Lives Matter pill and this is the same crowd that protested and prevented a Trump rally from occurring in Chicago (video below).

Why do you think the media is ignoring Bernie’s heavy handed approach to police? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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