Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ted Cruz wanted to stop Donald Trump from getting the nomination so badly, that his team thought long and hard about creating a unity ticket between himself and Marco Rubio. Cruz’s team went so far as to conduct polling to see how the two would fare together on the campaign trail against Donald Trump as opposed to going it alone.

Unfortunately, the political world never got to find out because Marco Rubio and his team rejected such ideas. Cruz surrogates approached Rubio’s team about the idea but it was shot down. Rubio was being told by his people that internal polling was not matching what external polls showed and that he didn’t need to be with Ted Cruz in order to win.

Rubio had to suspend his campaign after losing his home state of Florida by 18 points to Donald Trump.

Despite that, Ted Cruz has still not dismissed the idea and it will be interested to see what happens.

What do you think about Cruz & Rubio joining up to try to take down Trump? Could it work?



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