Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Debates are one of the few guides people have to determine who the want to support for public office. While Hillary Clinton has a delegate lead over Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Vermont has still be been able to pick off wins and some of that is due to his ability to debate Hillary on national television.

But now that Clinton has a lead that could be hard to overcome, she is suddenly concerned about Bernie Sanders “tone” during the campaign. Hillary Clinton spokesperson Joel Benenson apparently doesn’t like that Sanders team is running ads drawing a contrast between him and Hillary. That’s just mean!

Here’s the fantastic response Hillary’s ridiculous statement is getting on Twitter:



So according to team Hillary, unless Sanders goes back when to a time when he was saying “Nobody cares about your damn emails!”, they are not going to take part in any debates.

And she says she can take on Putin? Or ISIS?


H/T: RealtimePolitics


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