Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Nate Toci was driving when he saw a digital billboard he couldn’t ignore. The short 8-second message pleaded for someone with a O blood type to donate a kidney to Kelsey Crider.

Nate immediately reached out. Tests revealed that he was a match for Kelsey. Nate is now down a kidney as his other one has saved Kelsey’s life.

You may wonder what drives someone to donate a piece of himself to a complete stranger, but the fact that Nate is an Army reservist speaks for itself. He is willing to put his life in danger and on hold for our safety and freedom. The decision to be in the military already demonstrates his drive to help others. He took it to another level by donating his kidney.

When asked why he made this huge sacrifice at the young age of 21, he gave a very American response. “I think that’s just the American mentality, you know,” Nate said. “Not just doing something, [but] asking what else you can do for somebody else.”

The two are sharing their story to help encourage organ donation.

Watch more about this amazing story in the video below.

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