Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A new mom was out with her new baby when her wallet suddenly disappeared. Then she got a package in the mail. It had her wallet and credit cards, but more importantly, it had a note.

The note from the thief stated that the money and a target gift card wouldn’t be returned. Not only that, the thief told Rachel Maystreet that she should stop splurging on getting her nails done. The creep rummaged through her personal items and made sharp comments about them.

This is obviously alarming. This person has all of the woman’s information. Who knows if the thief will show up looking for more things to steal.

Just last month, a NYC man had his wallet, credit cards and license returned after someone found his wallet. But, the “good samaritan” decided to keep the cash because he needed it for marijuana.

Is this some sort of trend? Do thieves think returning some of the items alleviates them of guilt? They are alarming their victims!

How would you feel if this happened to you? Please share your thoughts. 

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