Monday, March 21, 2016

President Obama is hailing his “historic” trip to Cuba and there will be plenty of photo opportunities, blathering about a changing relationship with Cuba and happy talk about the future. They’ll be filmed chortling and having a great time sipping on mojitos and putting on a great face.

But as Senator Ted Cruz points out, there are people in Cuba nobody will be hearing from. From Politico:

Meanwhile, political prisoners languishing in dungeons across the island will hear this message: Nobody has your back. You’re alone with your tormentors. The world has forgotten about you.

President Obama doesn’t care that dissidents are imprisoned in Cuba. This is all about his “legacy” and naturally, the media is playing along. There won’t be much talk of the failures of socialism in Cuba. There won’t be any talk of iron grip the Castro regime has on the people of Cuba.

The President will leave Cuba proclaiming this trip to be a smashing success. The media will shower him with praise and other Democrats will celebrate as if he actually did something worthwhile.

That will be empty rhetoric to the people who will be suffering in Cuba’s prisons simply for wanting to be free.

What do you think about Obama’s visit to Cuba?



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