Monday, March 21, 2016

After Donald Trump won four of the five primaries during Super Tuesday last week, many counted Texas Senator Ted Cruz out of the race for good. A bombshell new poll, however, has revealed that Cruz isn’t done quite yet.

According to The Political Insider, a new poll shows that Cruz is leading Trump in the crucial state of Utah, and is on track to win all forty of the state’s delegates. Ohio Governor John Kasich is in second place, and Trump is in a distant third in the state.

The Utah caucus is set to take place on Tuesday, as is the Arizona primary, and any candidate who can cross the 50% threshold in the state will be awarded all forty delegates. If no candidate hits 50% support, the delegates are divided evenly among all candidates who reach 15%.

Utah Republicans are firmly against Trump, with 64% of them saying Trump will make the party weaker if he’s the nominee. Only 29% of Utah Republicans say they will support Trump if he is eventually named the nominee.

While Cruz may have Utah on lock, Trump has the rest of the country. It seems clear that Trump is going to be tough to beat at this point, but the Utah poll has definitely given Cruz and his supporters some hope.

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