Monday, March 28, 2016

New reports show that Hillary Clinton is facing some serious issues with the FBI over her email issues. The Democratic front runner continues to dodge this scandal and federal investigation pretending that it isn’t a big deal and will amount to nothing.

But it has been revealed that 147 FBI agents are working on the investigation about her use of a private email account for State Department use, including top secret information.

The FBI is now seeking an interview with Hillary Clinton regarding this matter. The former First Lady may not be able to sweep this under the rug much longer. Bernie Sanders is fresh off a massive win against Hillary over the weekend. If he plays this right, he could really get some momentum and highlight Clinton’s many faults.

No dates have been set for the interviews with Clinton or her top State Department aides. The FBI is hoping to wrap up the investigation well before the November general election so it is not the source of any October surprise.

What do you think will happen to Hillary? Will she end up in jail? Will this end her candidacy? Please share your predictions.

H/T: Daily Caller

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