Tuesday, March 29, 2016

There have been a stunning amount of terrorist attacks recently. There were four attacks launched by radical Islamic terrorists in just eight days.

And while none of these attacks were on US soil, Americans were among the casualties. Despite this fact, there has been no leadership and hardly any mention of it from the Obama Administration.

The duel attacks in Brussels, Belgium on March 22nd have now claimed at least 35 lives. They also left more than 300 people injured. ISIS has claimed credit for both of these attacks, one of which was essentially in the shadows of the European Union headquarters. These coordinated attacks have exposed the failures of Europe to properly act to protect citizens from terrorists who sought safe harbor throughout the continent.

A suicide bomber killed five in Istanbul on March 19th. The suicide bomber can be seen walking around before detonating his vets. A Turkish member of ISIS was blamed for this mass murder.

On March 25th, a suicide bomber killed 32 people at a soccer match in Baghdad, Iraq. Seventeen of those murdered were boys between the ages of 10 and 16. These boys were being awarded trophies when they were killed by radical Islamic terrorists. ISIS has claimed responsibility for this attack as well.

And on Easter Sunday, the Taliban killed 72 Christians who were celebrating the holiday in a park in Pakistan. These people were specifically targeted for their faith in Jesus.

There has been little to no action over these terrorist attacks. Since Obama doesn’t have an election to win, he doesn’t seem to care much about protecting us from these terrorists. In fact, his inaction is clear. If he was facing a reelection, he would probably at least pretend to give a darn about this.

Why do you think Obama hasn’t taken any action? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Mashable


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