Thursday, March 10, 2016

Earlier this week, three hispanic thugs learned the hard way that messing with a Donald Trump supporter is never a good idea.

It all started on Tuesday in the small town of Dalton, Georgia, where three thugs snatched David Grant’s “Trump for President” sign from his front yard and threw it into the street. Grant confronted them and demanded they put the sign back, so one of the punks decided to act like a mobster.

“He said you are about to get a cap popped in your a**!” Grant recalled, according to Conservative Tribune. “Then he started patting his stomach and then showed a handgun.”

Unbeknownst to the thug, Grant’s neighbor was watching from his yard, and he wasn’t about to see his friend get hurt.

“My neighbor looks at me dead in the eye and say: ‘I got you, hang on,’” Grant explained. “He runs in the house and comes back out with his pistol and says: ‘Nobody is shooting him.’”

Hearing this, the thugs all lost their nerve and immediately fled the scene. The punks were later caught by police and charged with trespassing, aggravated assault, making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana.


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