Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Powers family was home for the night when they got the surprise of their lives. Three armed men burst into their Louisville home and robbed them.

The thugs took some cash and cell phones. The family was shaken after being held at gunpoint in their own home. There was concern that these criminals would not be caught, but stupidity caught up with one of these thugs when they saw a familiar face on Snapchat.

Latroy Gaston posted a selfie from one of the stolen phones less than 24 hours after the robbery. And that decision cost him his freedom. Gaston had been put on probation for robbery just a week before the Snapchat home invasion.

The Powers family said Gaston isn’t the one who held them at gunpoint, but they are glad that he was caught. Hopefully he will identify the other two robbers. Perhaps he will post their pictures on FB.

When someone decides to commit robbery, they aren’t exactly making a wise decision. But, Gaston took his stupidity to a higher level by posting his selfie online from a stolen phone.

What would you have done if these thugs had broken into your home? Share you thoughts below and watch the video detailing Gaston’s stupidity.

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