Saturday, March 26, 2016

Some criminals may view a mom with a baby as an east target. But one thug learned the hard way that this isn’t true.

An Indianapolis mom and her child were home alone when the woman thought she heard someone breaking into the house. The man came in though the baby’s bedroom window, so she knew she had to act fast.

When the man came out of the baby’s room, the mom stepped out of her room. The intruder aimed his gun at her and shot, but she immediately returned fire, striking him multiple times.

The mom and baby are okay. The thug is still alive, but is at the hospital.

A sign outside the home shows us that this isn’t any ordinary criminal. This is an incredibly stupid criminal. The sign clearly states the family is armed and will use fire power against someone invading their home.

What an idiot! It makes me wonder if this is something personal. How could someone be so stupid as to break into a home with that sign?

Maternal instincts are important. And they are enhanced when the mom knows how to use a firearm. Great job, Mom!

What do you think about moms who use firearms? Please share your opinion!

H/T: Fox 59

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