Monday, March 7, 2016

Donald Trump is well on his way to the Republican nomination for President. The real estate mogul continues to dominate the GOP primary.

Now, people are discussing who Trump will choose to be his running mate. There is a lot of buzz recently that Chris Christie’s endorsement of Trump is a signal that the two might be pairing up. Both of them certainly aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Prior to endorsing Trump, Christie was seen as rather establishment. Because of this, Christie might bring some balance to the ticket.

But, Christie is pretty opinionated. And many of his opinions conflict with Trump’s. Could the New Jersey Governor take a back seat to anyone? Could Trump trust him not to wage a coup?

Now that Neurosurgeon Ben Carson has dropped out, he is seen as a likely running mate for Trump. It would be the ultimate outside ticket since neither have been elected to office before. If these two do team up, expect the left to focus on Trump comparing Carson’s behavior to that of a child predator, though.

Both South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez have been floated as possible VP picks. Both have endorsed Marco Rubio, but often that is pushed to the side for the sake of the party in a general election.

There is one person still in the race who seems to be possibly angling to be Trump’s VP. Ohio Governor John Kasich attacked Trump months ago, but has been silent since. And his continued presence in the race has helped Trump secure some wins as Kasich sucks votes away from the traditional GOP candidates. Ohio is seen as Kasich’s last stand. He had Ohio switched to a winner-take-all state in hopes that he could secure all the delegates and breathe some life into this campaign. But, with Trump leading in Ohio, this could be a death blow to Kasich’s White House bid. And it would set him up to be a possible running mate to the real estate mogul.

Trump previously said that Ted Cruz would be a possible choice, but given that Trump has repeatedly called Cruz a liar, that now seems unlikely.

Who do you think Trump should chose? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Young Cons

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