Friday, March 4, 2016

A fearless store clerk did something amazing. A man attempted to rob the Georgia store where she was working alone. She chose teach this thug a lesson. Instead of handing him cash from the drawer when he pulled a gun, she beat him with her hands.

When the man ran out of the store, Bhumika Patel grabbed a hammer and chased after him. You will likely watch this unbelievable video several times as it is so shocking. What is so great is that she continues to laugh at the thief. She isn’t letting him scare her.

The thug lost his shoe at the store as he was running away. Police don’t have a suspect, but the video captures his face so clearly that they believe he will be identified by the public as everyone will likely want to watch this video.

Hats off to this lady. This could have ended badly, but she really brought the smack down. This video needs to go viral! Hopefully, this prevents some other crooks from trying to rob stores.

If you support Bhumika Patel, please share this video! Everyone needs to see it!

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