Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A warning about laundry detergent pods has just been issued, and every parent needs to read this.

Kelly Landry’s infant son Wyatt recently found a laundry detergent pod lying around the house. Not realizing how dangerous they are, the little boy bit into it, and he ended up on life support at the hospital.

“Because of [biting the pod] he had to be incubated (have a breathing tube) and life flighted from Sun Valley to Boise to be put in to the PICU,” Kelly recounted, according to AWM. “Apparently there is a certain chemical in the soap pods that create acid in the blood stream. After 2 days of IV fluids and several breathing treatments Wyatt is home.”

Though laundry detergent pods make washing clothes a lot easier, they are particularly dangerous around children because they resemble toys. After hearing about Wyatt, Consumer Reports issued a warning to all parents about the product:

“We first warned of the dangers of detergent pods in May 2012, when there had been about 700 reports to poison-control centers regarding young children. Nearly 6,300 exposures occurred in 2012 compared with more than 7,800 exposures for all conventional detergents in 2011 (last year’s totals are not yet available for those cleaners)…As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has noted, “Children might be attracted to pods because their colorful appearance and size are similar to candy.”

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