Thursday, March 31, 2016

Since it was published on Twitter, this photo has been shared over 16,000 times. Why? Perhaps you should take a look yourself. I’ll be here waiting once you’ve discovered why it’s so freakin’ creepy:


Yep, the woman in the selfie is smiling at the camera … and so is her mirrored reflection behind her … which should be looking away.

So what’s happened? The internet being what it is, most people have speculated that it is the work of either ghosts or magic.

But those few still holding onto their senses have a more plausible explanation: the image was uploaded via the social media site, which enables people to doctor images before posting them online.

Oddly, the couple in the picture have not yet come forward with an explanation. But whether it’s a clever fake, innocent mistake, or ghostly intervention, the smiling pair have won the internet.


Check out the video below of an image captured on video — very eerie.

What’s the creepiest photo you’ve ever seen online? Share your story below!

H/T: London Mail

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