Thursday, March 17, 2016

A video that shows a black girl named Aleeyah punching a white girl for calling her the n-word is going viral.

The Daily Mail reports that the incident happened in Oklahoma. Everything appears to have escalated quickly.

‘You’re on my property,’ the white girl responds. The black girl repeats her question.
Then, the white girl says: ‘No n****r.’
Aleyah then shoves her before saying: ‘Who are you calling a n****r?’
The white girl, who has not been named, says: ‘You.’ Then Aleyah lands a fist straight into her mouth.
Falling to the floor, the white girl looks helpless as Aleyah keeps punching her.

Another girl intervenes and breaks it up. The video was tweeted out. And Aleeyah tweeted that she isn’t facing charges because the other girl was the one who started threatening to blow her head off. “I personally do not condone violence but I can not stand back while I along with my culture is disrespected,” she tweeted.


Social media and teenagers sometimes don’t mix. The combination can showcase their really poor decisions to the world and their digital footprint can follow them even when they grown and mature.

Four Michigan high school students are learning this lesson after a picture of them with the n word written on their stomachs gained attention. They were suspended for a week and their faces are now associated with this racist word.


How would you react if your child was caught in this situation? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Daily Mail

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