Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Last year, the world was stunned when disgraced Subway spokesman was exposed as a pedophile and sentenced to 16 years in jail for molesting children. Now, a former fellow inmate of Fogle’s has spoken out to talk about the former Subway icon’s life in jail, and it’s anything but good.

According to Daily Mail, Fogle has gained about 30 pounds since entering jail three months ago, and he binges on sweets in the jail’s dining hall.

“He’s really started packing on the pounds again, probably from depression,” the source said. “Jared’s breakfast is usually Frosted Flakes with fruit or oatmeal with cake. He loves “cake day” in the dining hall twice a week and he buys Honey Buns by the box, as well as other pastries, in the commissary on his weekly shopping day. He’s been known to eat an entire box of eight at one sitting!”

The source went on to tell In Touch magazine that Fogle is facing attacks from the other inmates in the jail.

“One of the men called Jared a ‘dirty child rapist’ and told him to ‘get the f*** out’ and not come back,”  the former inmate revealed.

Fogle reportedly made the mistake of trying to defend himself, and instead got slapped across the face.

“Jared just stood there stunned, then ran out of the gym,” as his fellow inmates booed, according to the source.

“He never ratted out the inmates who did it, though, because he was threatened that if he did, they would get him!” the source concluded.

It sounds like Fogle’s life in prison is pure Hell. SHARE this story if you think he’s getting what he deserved.

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