Monday, April 4, 2016

Another suicide bomb has claimed at least 14 lives outside Baghdad today. Police report that the terrorist attack occurred inside a restaurant frequented by Shiite paramilitary militia fighters. Twenty-seven people were wounded in the attack.

We’re witnessing the rise of terrorist attacks, while President Obama tangos around the issue. In fact, the area is still reeling from four terrorist attacks that occurred last month.

Today’s attack came just hours after three separate suicide bomber attacks. One was a car bomber in the oil rich city of Basra. At least five were killed and 10 were wounded. Another terrorist on a suicide mission rammed his car packed with explosives into a security checkpoint in Sadr al-Qanat, killing six troops and wounding 13 others. A fourth suicide bomber targeted a paramilitary headquarters near Baghdad killing four troops and wounding 10 others. The death toll is rising — 29 people have been killed by terrorists in these recent attacks.

The Islamic State gained control of northern Iraq in 2014, establishing a violent system of Islamic laws there and in Syria. The Iraqi military has launched an offensive to retake Mosul, but their progress has been impeded with booby traps and suicide bombers.

Iraqi forces led by a US coalition have made progress against the Islamic state in the past few months but the savage terrorists have retaliated with civilian bombings and suicide bombers.

After so many American lives were lost fighting for Iraq’s freedom, it is heart wrenching to see it turn so quickly under Obama’s failed leadership.

When do you think this will stop? Please join the discussion.

H/T: Washington Times


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