Monday, April 4, 2016

These days are not easy for police officers. They are easy targets for criminals and liberals who want to smear them as racist bullies.

It’s a hard job and one that can be very thankless. But, one kind yet simple gesture from a teenager has touched a Kansas City Police Officer and provided him with the props that all police officers deserve.

This teenage girl walked over to the table where Officer Rance Quinn was having lunch with a fellow cop. The girl handed him a napkin that read, “Thanks for keeping us safe.” Not only that, the waitress informed the officers that the girl had paid their tabs.

Now, Quinn carries the napkin with him as a motivator when he has tough days. These officers put their lives on the line for us and often they are rewarded only with disrespect. It’s amazing how such a simple gesture can really help lighten the load for these brave men.

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