Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The good folks of the state of Missouri are celebrating after their legislature passed a bill protecting their right to keep and bear arms.

And who led this fight for freedom? State Representative Deb Lavender, who ran on a platform of restricting Second Amendment freedoms.

So, what happened? Did Rep. Lavender have a sudden change of heart. Nope. She just suffers, alas, from a room-temperature I.Q.

Here’s how Lavender accidentally helped pass the bill:

When a legislator wants to stop a bill from passing, they will often introduce an amendment to the bill they think is so outrageous, that it will prove to people that the entire bill must be prevented from becoming law. Having made their point, the legislator will then remove the wacky amendment.

So when H.B. 1468 came to the floor, which promised to expand gun rights for Missourians, Lavender knew she had to stop it.

That’s why she introduced an amendment to allow concealed carry in the capitol building. But instead of withdrawing it, Lavender kept talking… and talking… and talking.

She talked so much, in fact, that she used up all her allotted time, and therefore did not have chance to remove the amendment. She was cheered as she took her seat… by her pro-Second Amendment opponents.

The bill then passed, and Rep. Lavender departed the chamber as her cheeks grew as red as her Republican foes.

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H/T: The Independent Journal

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