Thursday, April 14, 2016

Shock jock Howard Stern stomped out a conversation about gun control with his longtime producer Baby Booey (Gary Dell’Abate).

Stern, who’s never afraid to speak his mind, is well known for pushing past barriers without concern about offending anyone.

Dell’Abate was spewing gun-grabber talking points over how many guns people should be allowed to own. When he asked Stern if he thought it would be okay if someone owned 300 guns, the host said something that conservatives supporters agree with:

“Yes, I do. What’s the difference if he has one or three hundred?”

Stern dominated the conversation from that point on. I didn’t realize that Howard Stern was such a supporter of the Second Amendment! What’s terrific is that many people listen to his show, so they got to hear why the right to bear arms is so important.

Listen to the exchange here:

Like Howard Stern, a majority of Americans take the Second Amendment seriously. We have the right to defend ourselves and more of us are exercising that right on a regular basis. Michigan is one of the many states where concealed handgun licenses are in the rise.

Are you surprised that Howard Stern supports the Second Amendment? Please share your thoughts. 

H/T: Bearing Arms

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