Monday, April 11, 2016

When Angela Andrews organized a birthday party for her son, Toxey, she expected balloons, cake, and presents. Instead, she and Toxey shared tears because no one in his class of 21 kids bothered to attend the gathering.

Frustrated, Toxey’s mother expressed her sorrow and outrage in a message she posted on Facebook. That’s when Arkansas State Troopers stepped in and saved the day.

Reading about his plight, four troopers paid young Toxey a visit and brought along some cake and presents:


They then let Toxey check out one of their cruisers and have a look at the K-9 cage!

The experience was so good, Toxey has now declared that he wants to be a cop himself when he grows up.

At a time when all cops are being slimed in the media for the actions of a few bad apples, isn’t it great to see these small town heroes proving that they deserve our admiration?

H/T: KLSM News Arkansas

Our police have our best interest in mind, whether the mainstream media choose to showcase that or not. They joined such a difficult profession because they truly care. Law enforcement in Lubbock, TX proved this when they threw a huge combined birthday party for foster children in their area! The footage below is heartwarming.

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