Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Believe it or not, a Romanian Member of Parliament Florin Popescu bribed the voters in his district with chicken. I’ve heard of politicians using cash, real estate, or even political favors as bribes, but never chicken.

And, it was not just any old chicken either — it was with sixty tons of roasted chicken.

Pepescu sent the chicken to voters in his district in an attempt to win another term as council leader, earning the moniker “The Chicken Baron” in the process. His crime came to light three years later, when the farmer who had raised the chickens reported him to police.

Pepescu resigned in disgrace and has now been sentenced to two years in prison with no parole, which means his fowl crime has been severely punished.

Wonder what he’ll be eating in prison? Crow? 

H/T: London Telegraph

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