Friday, April 22, 2016

Apart from winning the lottery, is there anything in the world more likely to set you up for riches and fame than a Harvard education?

The lucky few who graduate that illustrious institution, go on to waltz into careers in politics, law and entertainment.

But for the pampered social justice warriors in Harvard’s Law School, getting a tony degree is not enough… they want it free of charge as well.

Recently, a group of Harvard Law students (remember, these are the folks who’ll be defending/prosecuting you if you ever fall foul of the law) protested inside one of their magnificent Halls. Calling themselves “Reclaim Harvard,” these sons and daughters of millionaires demanded free tuition and suggested paying for it by having their professors each take a pay cut and dipping into Harvard’s endowment (rainy day) fund.

Of course, no modern protest would be complete without a few accusations of racism. And of course, these precious snowflakes are demanding a free education because paying for something you want must be discriminatory. No, I don’t understand it, either.

Thus far, Harvard is refusing these demands, but as we’ve seen recently in Missouri and elsewhere, college administrators have a weaker backbone that a soggy PB&J sandwich, so don’t expect them to hold out for long.

Don’t you agree that liberals in our campuses are out of control? Sound off in the comments section below.

H/T: Law Newz

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