Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ben Carson has stepped up again to provide Donald Trump an assist in the New York primary. The famed neurosurgeon has been a surrogate for the GOP frontrunner since Carson ended his presidential campaign.

Dr. Carson asked the Board of Elections to void all of his votes. He wasn’t able to get his name removed from the ballot but he didn’t want to hinder Trump’s support. This is important for the Trump because if he gets more than 50% in a Congressional district, he sweeps the delegates there. Carson didn’t want any votes that were cast for him to hurt Trump.

This is a wise move as it will keep as many delegates as possible away from Ohio Governor John Kasich and #2 Ted Cruz. A vote for Ben Carson won’t count as a vote at all. If Carson even got 1% of the vote, it could have proven an issue for Trump.

Carson endorsed Trump shortly after dropping out of the presidential race (video below). He has been vocal about his dislike of Ted Cruz especially since “Lyin’ Ted’s” campaign remarked that Carson was dropping out of the race during the Iowa caucuses. This tactic may have helped the junior Senator from Texas that evening, but it has been a pox on his record since then as many see him as a liar. And Carson is now working with Trump to defeat Cruz.

Who do you think will win the New York primary? Will Trump be able to sweep the delegates there? Please share your prediction. 

H/T: News Max


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