Thursday, April 7, 2016

A contested Republican convention is more likely after Ted Cruz won the Wisconsin primary. Bad news for Cruz. And it will infuriate Trump supporters!

Cruz is being propped up by the party establishment, but in actuality the junior Senator from Texas is being used as a tool to get to a contested convention where a completely different nominee will be picked. The establishment doesn’t support Cruz, but because they are using him to stop Trump. And, and hope to lead delegates to chose Speaker of the House Paul Ryan at the convention in Cleveland.

Top Republicans predict that Ryan will emerge as the nominee if Cruz and Trump fail to acquire 1,237 delegates.

“He’s the most conservative, least establishment member of the establishment,” a Republican source told Politico about Ryan. “That’s what you need to be.”

Charles Koch also said he believed the Speaker would be a “shoo in” in a contested convention. They are even openly admitting this plan!

However, Ryan’s not giving any truth to these predictions. See his remarks in the video below.

Wisconsin was a critical state for Donald Trump to win if he is to secure the nomination outright. It’s also Paul Ryan’s home state. Wisconsinites really bolstered Ryan’s chance to be nominated at an open convention by handing Cruz a win and blocking Trump.

People on Twitter are noticing the symbolism of this huge#NeverTrump win in Paul Ryan’s home state.

Do you think Ted Cruz even realizes he is being played by the establishment? How do you think he will react if this happens?

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