Monday, April 25, 2016

Ted Cruz is in full desperation mode. And he’s come up with a new strategy to try to defeat Donald Trump!

Now that Lyin’ Ted Cruz has been mathematically eliminated from earning the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination on the first ballot of the convention, he has been forced to work with Ohio Governor John Kasich in an attempt to stop The Donald.

The two failing campaigns sent out emails within minutes of each other announcing their strategy. Cruz is focusing on Indiana while Kasich is campaigning in Oregon and New Mexico. They see an opportunity to keep the delegates in those three states away from the GOP frontrunner. Watch:


Cruz has been unwilling to work with other candidates in the past to stop Trump, so this really proves that his back is against the wall! Trump is the only candidate who is able to reach the golden number of delegates.

So, Cruz – who is NOT a team player – has been essentially forced to team up with Kasich.

Donald Trump responded to this on Twitter by pointing out that Ted Cruz is despised and desperate.

Trump fans took to Twitter and some fun with this unusual alliance highlighting how desperate Cruz must be to pair up with anyone.

Do you think this is anything Donald Trump should be concerned about? Would you ever strategically vote for someone? Please share your thoughts.


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