Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Huntington Beach police identified Harrison Ford in a crime. Word started to spread that the Star Wars actor possessed a controlled substance and inflicted corporal injury on a spouse. This is big news for an actor as well known as Ford.

There was a BIG problem with this, though. Ford wasn’t even in the country when all of this allegedly happened. His alibi was rock solid! So, how could Ford be smeared with this accusation when he wasn’t even anywhere near Huntington Beach?

It was discovered that it was all part of a police training procedure. And someone was in hot water over it. A rookie officer entered Ford’s arrest record into the data entry base. They create fake situations to learn how to use the system. They are then to immediately delete the entry.

But, this rookie didn’t do that last simple step. And when press got word there was an arrest for Harrison Ford, news started to travel.

This rookie made the most rookie mistake ever! His blunder ended up on TMZ. So, if you know anyone who is having a challenge adjusting to their new career, share this with them as a reminder that it could be a lot worse! They didn’t defame Han Solo! Watch the video below for more info.

What’s the most innocent yet biggest mistake you have ever heard of? Please share your story.


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