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A Norwegian veteran who served in Afghanistan has put the comforts of home behind. He volunteered to fight ISIS.

Peshmerganor posts pictures of the conflict in Iraq on his Instagram account. As a volunteer, he has to cover his own expenses. So, some of his many followers have hit his tip jar to help defray his costs as he battles Islamic jihad.

His Instagram account doesn’t hide the gruesomeness of the battle. He even has posted videos of gun fights.

This man is putting his life on hold and on the line without backup from his own country. He is devoted to helping fight Islamofascists. This is reality in Iraq after President Obama essentially abandoned our efforts there.

About two weeks ago. General Wahed Kovle decided to pay the jihadists in our neighbouring village a quick visit, against orders from high command, who aren't letting the Peshmerga cross the frontline into enemy territory until the next offensive. He may be a bit crazy, but he have a big heart as well. Those who have been following kurdish news lately, probably saw that the general was willing to donate his kidney to a dying, young girl who's father, a Peshmerga soldier himself, was martyred fighting the Islamic State. I would like to thank @thomasanoe, @seandalene and @rabbitsplitter for donating. Unfortunately, I can't recieve mail or care packages down here, but if anyone else is willing to help me out financially, please send me a Direct Message to find out how. You guys are the ones who's making sure I can stay here for the upcoming Mosul offensive. Some news about Mosul. Iraq's defence minister recently stated the operation to take back the city will be launched in the first half of 2016. 4.500 troops from the Iraqi Army's 15th Division deployed to the Makhmour front this week, where they will stay at Peshmerga bases and prepare for the offensive. There are also unconfirmed reports up to 21.000 more iraqi troops will be deployed to this area and the Ba'ashiqah front as well. It's still not clear exactly which forces will take on Mosul, but I'm optimistic and believe the Peshmerga will play a big role in this. Looks like things are finaly about to happen, guys… just a few more months. #mosulnext #peshmerga #wahedkovle

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Some hope the day never comes. Some live for it…

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Part 2/2. Me and my new friend from the Islamic State. Continuing the story. We drove off in our pickup trucks and passed the point that was later to be the Southern front of Sinjar. We stopped at a village that looked abandoned and decided to set up a checkpoint southwards and search the village. We entered the first houses and went from room to room, but didn't find anyone. At the same time, a few villagers showed up and told us the Islamic State fighters had passed the village from Sinjar last night, and that there were only civilians here, muslim kurds. We told them they could come out from their hiding places, and they did. Once they saw we were Peshmerga and not yezidi militias, which they fear will retaliate against them for what the Islamic State did to the yezidies in Sinjar, they welcomed us as liberators. The villagers flocked around us, cheering for the Peshmerga and the general, kissing us and shaking our hands. The older men was actually crying of relief and we were served tea and bread. We got the names of some of the villagers that had either collaborated with, or was members of the Islamic State, so we drove around in the village and hunted these guys down. We arrested three guys in total and took them to an abandoned house for questioning. They got treated pretty decent, except for the guy in the photo… he had an attitude that some of the guys had to beat out of him. We said goodbye to the villagers and went back to Sinjar with the prisoners. We didn't see any action that day, which was a big dissapointment for me personally… but we did good. We caught four Islamic State members and the liberation of Sinjar is a major defeat for ISIS and the begining of their end. After Ramadi, Tal Afar and Hawija is taken back from the Islamic State, Mosul will be next, and I'll do my best to be there as well. #peshmerganor #evilforevil

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A jihadist after beeing hit by a coalition warplane in Sinjar. This guy was manning a heavy machinegun that was laying down fire on some of our boys, but an airstrike took care of that problem. So yeah… I guess you could say he's half the man he used to be. Joking aside, we need to talk about Turkey again. Some of you may have heard the recent news that Turkey have sent troops to Iraq. They are currently outside Mosul, very close to my position. Apparently, they have been invited by the former governor of Mosul to train a Sunni militia and some say the Peshmerga as well. The Iraqi government is furious and have given the turks 48 hours to leave the country. Like most, I was very confused when I heard. I couldn't understand how the turks could deploy 200 troops and armour down here, without the approval of the Kurdish Regional Government, or KRG. But to understand the Middle East, you need to look at the bigger picture, and I think I got it figured out now. Here's my theory. The Iraqi government is mainly Shia. They have a Shia militia, the PMU, under their command. The PMU is currently fighting ISIS in Anbar, but are expected to move North to Mosul once ISIS is weakened in the South. And here's the thing with the PMU… if you watch videos on how they treat their prisoners, you can't really tell the difference between them and ISIS. They are savages and are even threatening to attack US troops if they get deployed in the South, which is funny as the Obama administration is paying for their arms through the Iraqi government. The PMU have been fighting the kurds, who are mostly Sunni, in Tuz Khormato and Kirkuk recently and Mosul could become a battleground between the Peshmerga and the PMU once ISIS is gone. So perhaps the KRG are fine having a turkish presence near Mosul, as they are seen as a Sunni ally in a potential conflict with the PMU. Now, those of you who have been following me for a while, knows I'm not a fan of the turks… but I guess the KRG feels like they will be the lesser of two evils, and I can understand that logic to a certain degree. Either way, I just hope my unit doesn't have to work with the turks, as I personally can't trust them.

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