Thursday, April 21, 2016

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke does not pull any punches. He is a law-and-order guy and is not afraid to say it. His willingness to take on political correctness is a breath of fresh air and he knows nonsense when he sees it.

And, he sure sees it in Hillary Clinton!

Clarke calls Hillary out for her obvious pandering to the black vote when she answered a question on a local NYC radio show. She was asked what item she always carried with her and she immediately said, “hot sauce.” Watch:

The Atlantic explains what the reference to hot sauce means:

“I got hot sauce in my bag” has become a common refrain after Beyoncé’s hit single “Formation” gained popularity as a pro-black anthem, espousing a worldview that proudly embraces certain stereotypes and characteristics that were once deemed “too black” for polite society or undesirable. Hot sauce has long been associated with a certain ugly caricature of black culture

Is Sheriff Clarke right? Why do Democrats, who get the large majority of the black vote feel the need to do these things? Sound off in the comments!

H/T: Fox News Insider

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