Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton is getting more desperate by the day. The latest lie she’s perpetuating is that many of the gun crimes committed in New York can be traced back to guns purchased in Vermont. One of her top supporters is calling her out on this one. When Vermont Governor Shumlin, a Hillary Clinton supporter and superdelegate heard what she said, he was having none of it.

Watch what he says.

Vermont, despite it’s liberal politics, is one of the best states to live in for gun owners. There are no restrictions on firearms. Yes, there is the federal background check needed to purchase a firearm. But, there is no need to obtain a permit to carry a handgun there. And, you can carry concealed or open carry. Nice!

She’s wrong. In 2014, officials traced only 55 of 4,585 guns used in New York crimes to Vermont. Last year, the New York Times wrote an indepth report showing the majority of the guns come from southern states.

In the video below, watch Hillary complain about the Sanders’ campaign lying about her. She’s cracking under pressure.

What do you think Hillary will be lying about next? Share your thoughts with us!


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