Monday, April 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton has been having some issues with a group that is traditionally a strong base for the Democrats. She has been getting a lot of backlash from the African American community and it appears many black Americans aren’t allowing the Democratic frontrunner to take their votes for granted. This could cause big problems for Hillary in November! She attempted to pander to this crowd last week, but it might not have worked.

Hillary will need the Black Lives Matter folks to vote for her in November, but Ice Cube is saying no to that. The controversial rapper has a lot of issues with Hillary regarding race. He believes the former First Lady has racist tendencies. He specifically mentioned her comments regarding a 1994 bill signed by her husband.

Regarding the bill, Hillary said that the United States must bring “no-conscience, no-empathy, super predator gangs of kids to their heels.” While you might agree with Hillary on this topic, Ice Cube doesn’t and that’s a problem for her as she needs strong support from his community.

Ice Cube claims that Hillary’s comments embrace and encourage police brutality towards blacks. Watch the video below to hear the rapper say the Democrats are not getting a pass this year and that votes shouldn’t be taken for granted. He specifically set his sights on Hillary! Her pandering isn’t working on him.

This is Hillary’s base. She needs them to come out for her. If they stay home in protest, she is in deep trouble.

Do you think Ice Cube will cause trouble for Hillary? Please share your predictions.

H/T: Right Wing News

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