Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Virginia Governor and avid Hillary Clinton supporter Terry McAuliffe just restored voting rights for 200,000 felons in Virginia so they can vote in the general election in November.

McAuliffe’s wide-sweeping executive order restores the rights of convicted pedophiles, rapists, and murders to vote, serve jury duty, and run for office. McAuliffe is accused of doing this to help stuff the ballot box in this important state for his comrade Hillary. Watch this video to find out more about McAuliffe’s plans:

One in four African Americans in Virginia were previously banned from voting. This action is thought to increase an important voting block for Hillary Clinton since the Clintons have enjoyed support in that community.

Or maybe he is doing this for Hillary. If she is sent to prison for her crimes, now she can move to Virginia when she is released and run for office.

Do you think felons should be able to vote? Would you want a felon on a jury in a trial you were involved in? 

H/T: Fox News

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