Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Today is round two of the demonstrations by Democracy Spring in Washington, DC. While media coverage of the protesters will focus on their concerns about money in politics, don’t let that fool you. These are radical leftists who think voter ID is racist. Even Code Pink, a rabid feminist group that often dresses up as vaginas, is involved, so don’t let anyone try to tell you this is non partisan. It absolutely is not.

More than 600 people turned out for the first protest in DC on Monday. This resulted in more than 400 Bernie Sanders supporters were arrested at the Capitol. This election cycle has been pretty dramatic on both sides of the aisle. There’s a lot of passion and heated left wing rhetoric.

They were there as part of Democracy Spring — a movement in favor of changing the rules on political money, voting rights and redistricting. The group traveled from Liberty Bell to the nation’s capitol. These left-wing activists don’t like the thought of money in politics. Funny because they don’t seem to notice there is a TON of money in politics on the liberal side of the aisle.

They take exception to the Koch Brothers being involved in politics but don’t seem to mind George Soros funding their extreme left-wing politicians.

Voter ID laws were also under siege by these Bernie Sanders supporters. Apparently, making sure the person voting is actually that person is racist.

They were arrested for unlawful demonstration activity and hauled away. 400 of the 600 protesters were cuffed and arrested. They must not have had the appropriate permits to block the steps of the Capitol. And, these tree-hugging liberals left quite a mess. Seems they are a bit entitled and don’t feel they have to even pick up their own garbage. “Other people” do that sort of thing.


Democracy Spring plans four more daily protests this week.

What do you expect? These liberals feel the rules don’t apply to them. If conservatives have to get special permits for protests, so do left wingers. And pick up your garbage. We need to save the earth after all….

Do you think these protestors should have been arrested? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Headline Politics

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