Friday, April 15, 2016

Obviously, any food that smells wrong, is wrong. But, how do you know when you really need to throw something out or whether it still has more time to be eaten? Groceries are expensive and tossing them too early is like throwing money in the garbage.

Here are a couple of simple checks for potatoes and eggs.

A potato seems to last forever, but if one turns green, you really need to throw it out. A green potato indicates the presence of Solanine, a toxin that can create havoc on your nervous system and possibly cause death.


Don’t risk eating old eggs, you could get salmonella. To see if an egg is fresh, place it in a bowl of water to see what happens. If the egg lays on its side on the bottom of the bowl, it is at peak freshness. If it floats, toss it out.


And, if you have ever accidentally eaten something after it has expired you are probably are hesitant to ever do that again.

Expiration dates and sell-by dates can be deceiving. You can learn more about the importance of what they mean in this video:

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