Monday, April 18, 2016

Bill Clinton has been a terrible surrogate for his wife. The former President once had important coattails that many candidates benefited from riding. But this primary, Slick Willy keeps putting his foot in his mouth. It’s so bad that many people wonder if it’s intentional!

Recently, Bill has spoken about Obama’s “awful legacy” and he even told a veteran to shut up. Now, he has taken his aim at Bernie Sanders. All of these comments will divide Democrats in a general election. Way to go, Bill!

Bernie Sanders has been drawing in big crowds of support. The self described socialist is standing in the way of Hillary’s coronation and this is irritating the Clintons.

Bill Clinton took a shot late last week at Sanders’s supporters. He said they wanted to fix America’s problems by “shooting every third person on Wall Street.” And while it may be comical for conservatives to hear the Democrats attacking each other, it highlights an important problem the left has this year.

There has been an all out revolt against Hillary Clinton from her fellow Democrats. And as the apparent Democratic nominee, she is going to require the support from those Sanders supporters in November. Bill just kicked them in the teeth! How are they going to unify the party with Bill saying things like this?

Do you think Bill is intentionally trying to tank Hillary’s campaign? Please share your thoughts.

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