Friday, April 1, 2016

Ever been picked on in school? It can be a very tough experience for a young kid. People who have never been bullied have trouble understanding. It’s worse for some people more than others.

In this story, a popular jock was walking home from his high school when he noticed another kid walking with all of his books under his arm…on a Friday.

He laughed to himself thinking the kid must be such a nerd in order to be taking so many books home on a Friday. He stopped laughing when he saw a group of other kids run up to the “nerd”, knock his books out of his hands and trip him so he fell over into the dirt.

The jock stopped to help out the kid after he saw the look on his face, helping him pick up his books and carrying half of them to his house. The kid, whose name turned out to be Kyle, turned out to be pretty cool.

They became best friends and remained so throughout high school.

They both went to college and when Kyle was graduating as valedictorian of his class, the jock was there to see it. When Kyle spoke of what would have happened had his friend not stopped to help him pick up his books that day, the attending crowd of people gasped.

Kyle was going to commit suicide.

It took one act of kindness by another person for that not to happen. The moral of the story here is never to underestimate the impact that words can have on a person whether they are positive or negative.

You could be the person that comes across a “Kyle.”

Watch below as the latest form of bullying our youth are battling has made a sharp increase as technology advances.

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