Tuesday, April 5, 2016


When your smug liberal pal next warns you about Donald Trump’s authoritarianism, politely ask them to take a look at America’s college campuses.

These nests of intolerance, run with Stasi-like efficiency by left-wing extremists, have become breeding grounds for hatred directed toward Christians, conservatives, and Republicans.

And it’s not just in the USA … take a look at what caused the progressives to get their panties in a bunch in Scotland’s Edinburgh University:

“Last week, Imogen Wilson, vice president for academic affairs with the student association, was threatened with removal from her position after she “raised [her] arms in disagreement” during a council debate and shook her head disapprovingly.”

That’s right! Merely raising your hand to register your disagreement is enough to get you censored by these liberal bigots.

And if you think this is just confined to our classrooms, think again: once these bullies graduate, they will be coming to your workplace.


What do you think we should do to stop the crazy political correctness? Let us know below.

H/T:  Reason Magazine

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