Friday, April 15, 2016

Families of our soldiers make a lot of sacrifices. It’s heartbreaking to see children miss their parents so much during deployments. It is evident in reunion videos how excited the kids are to finally see their parents again.

Not only do they miss their parents, but the kids are obviously concerned about their safety, too. You can just see the relief and joy on the faces of military children when they see their parents for the first time in months.

Addison Woodburn is one of those kids, but she had double the sacrifice as both of her parents were deployed. But, she got quite the surprise at a magic show when both of her parents were part of the act.

TRIGGER WARNING: Have a Kleenex handy for this!

This excitement isn’t just reserved for younger children, check out this surprise reunion between a sixth grader and her mom.

Please share this if you support our troops and their families!

H/T: Little Things


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