Monday, April 18, 2016

If you live in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood, chances are you’d be celebrating when the porn studio next door announced that it was closing.

But instead, residents of Bristol, England are protesting in the streets.

Why? Do these families like having smut produced feet from their homes?


Rather, they are concerned by plans put forward by the buildings owner, Mike Hobbins, to transform the building into apartments for “transient” people.

For locals, that word means trouble. Specifically, they are worried that the new apartments will be taken up by immigrants, the homeless, and others who don’t plan on putting down roots and staying in the community.

The developers also have no plans to add new parking spaces, meaning the roads around the building will be even more congested.

Because of the disagreement, Hobbins’ plans are currently in limbo, and these hardy Bristolians are proving the truth in the old saying: “Better the devil you know.”

Would you rather a porn studio next door or housing for immigrants? Sound off below.

H/T: The Bristol Post

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