Thursday, April 28, 2016

Liberals keep saying it is safe to let men into the women’s bathroom. But, there have already been instances of peeping toms and assaults on women while they are using public facilities.

Richard Rodriguez (pictured above) is one of those perverts who ventured into the ladies room. Dressed in drag, Rodriguez was there to film women. He entered a stall and slid a bag with a camera in it under the occupied stall next to him. When that women exited and confronted him, he went into another stall and tried to do it to a second woman!

Police said Rodriguez was also responsible for another perverted episode in a Walmart bathroom using a mirror to peep in on a woman and her 5 year old daughter in the next stall. Rodriguez was again, wearing drag.

This is what happens when you allow men in the women’s room. And this is what you can expect at Target now that they have rolled out the red carpet for perverts to use the bathrooms. Watch this video of a man being told the Target manager will speak to women if they are uncomfortable with him being in the ladies room with them.

Please share this article to show liberals this does happen!

H/T: Inside NOVA

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