Wednesday, April 13, 2016

We might have found the proof that time travel is real, or it might just be a weird coincidence. But for right now, we’re picking time travel.

Researchers in Mongolia have uncovered a mummy that they claim is the most perfectly preserved specimen ever discovered in that part of the world.

And the creepiest thing about it? The mummy (a middle-class woman, according to the historians) is wearing what looks like Adidas sneakers (complete with the brand’s distinctive three stripes).

The internet went a-twitter with the thought of time travel & Addidas!


Needless to say, experts have raised a collective eyebrow at the idea that the woman obtained these expensive sneakers through time travel, but they don’t yet have an explanation for the distinctive footwear, which has never before been seen on a mummified corpse.

Already, experts in the area and around the globe are eagerly awaiting the chance to examine the mummy and unlock its secrets, chief among them being: How did she afford such designer footwear?

H/T: London Metro

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