Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tuesday was a big night for conservative businessman Donald Trump in his home state of New York. The GOP frontrunner completed a near sweep of delegates in the Empire State. This win was so big the GOP may not be able to steal the nomination from him anymore!

Trump is claiming at least 90 of the 95 delegates while Ted Cruz was completely shut out despite making a play there. John Kasich looks to walk away with a handful of delegates, but the Ohio Governor was long ago eliminated from claiming the required 1237 delegates outright.

Cruz received less than 15% of the vote in New York. His attack on New York values didn’t bode well for #2 Cruz on Tuesday as New York outright rejected Cruz and his values.

See the report:

Trump’s victory speech was rather polite and gracious to Ted Cruz. He didn’t even refer to the junior Texas Senator as Lyin’ Ted. This shows that the real estate mogul is pivoting to the general election and looking to unify the party for a November win.

Trump said Cruz is virtually mathematically eliminated from winning the 1237 delegates needed on the first ballot. Trump’s lead over Cruz is by almost 300 delegates. It’s pretty much impossible to see how Cruz can overcome that large of a gap.

Watch Trump claim the NY win:

New York gave both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton big wins, essentially setting them up to challenge each other in the fall. The former First Lady absolutely crushed Bernie Sanders, basically solidifying herself as the Democrat nominee.

Bernie’s campaign from here on out is nothing more than a vanity campaign for the wild haired Vermont Senator. It will be interesting to see if he bows out gracefully or uses his platform to continue to jab at Hillary in an attempt to further drive her to the left.

The race isn’t over, Trump needs to keep winning if he’s to get the nomination:


New York just gave a big thumbs up to Donald Trump and flatly rejected Ted Cruz. Next week’s contest in Connecticut looks to also be a blow to #2 Cruz as he is currently polling at 19% compared to Trump’s 48% there.

The quest for 1237 continues, but thanks to New York values, Ted Cruz is pretty much shut out of winning things on the first ballot.

Do you think Donald Trump will get 1237 delegates before the convention? Please share your prediction. 

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