Thursday, April 21, 2016

Barack Obama has a new notch in his resume that certainly wasn’t expected. He’s a great gun salesman!

Americans have been so concerned that the Gun-Grabber-In-Chief will use his pen and phone to get even more restrictions on the Second Amendment that they are buying guns in record numbers.


Over 100 million firearms have been purchased during the Obama presidency. The threat of gun control has been a boon to the gun industry. People have been running to get more guns in the event they won’t be available in the future.

Thriving gun sales led to an additional 24,763 jobs in 2015, bringing the nationwide total to 287,986. That’s an increase of 10% in gun manufacturing and retail from the previous year. And this year looks to be even bigger! What a great way to stimulate the economy!

This is the opposite effect of what Obama and his fellow liberals wanted. Instead of putting their guns down, Americans are buying more in record numbers! Oops!

This is a big win for Second Amendment supporters. Every time they try to take our rights away, we push right back.

How do you think Michelle Obama reacted to this news? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Allen B West


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