Monday, April 25, 2016

We got an inkling of how corrupt the Obama Administration had become in 2012 when prominent backers of Mitt Romney suddenly found themselves audited by the IRS.

And now, with fresh elections coming, the liberals are hoping to intimidate conservatives into keeping silent and keeping their checkbooks closed.

Which is why the Attorney General of California, and candidate for the Senate, Kamela Harris, went to court to force the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) to hand over a list of their donors to the government.

Anyone want to guess what the liberals who infest our government bureaucracy would do with that information?

Thankfully, a federal district court has turned down thug Harris’ request and ruled in favor of AFP, a victory both for common sense and the first amendment.

However, the case should remind all those who value free speech that the modern Democratic Party is determined to shut it down.

What do you think about AG Harris’ actions? Let us know below.

H/T: National Review

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